Relying on more than 100 years of history, YANMAR aims to contribute to a sustainable society by delivering justifiable technologies, solutions and products for food production and energy conversion in all essential areas in which people live and work. By prioritizing customers all over the world, providing world-class technical expertise and all-round service and hospitality, YANMAR proactively fulfils all customers’ needs, before they even realize they exist. We will constantly go the extra mile to deliver breath-taking innovation for solutions and service, which consistently surpasses expectations of our customers. We at YANMAR call this “solutioneering”. Over the next 100 years, YANMAR will continue to challenge the market, adding value to our industry and help people live rich and fulfilling lives.

In Cyprus, YANMAR is officially represented by K.P.Industrial & Marine Ltd, member of Char. Pilakoutas Group, a group of companies with more than 60 years of history and a prestigious position in the country’s motor trade. Char. Pilakoutas Group prioritizes customers, providing expertise and all-year round innovative service solutions that constantly surpasses its customers’ expectations. To this end, it offers a highly trained experts and technicians that will do their outmost for your engine’s maintenance or repair. And, thanks to YANMAR genuine parts, you can be sure that every journey will be just like your engine. Original.

YM 9-29 HP

engine 1

JH 39-110 HP

BY 150-260 HP

LH 160-240 HP


Genuine parts are not always very popular amongst users of equipment. They see them as expensive and think they are just as well off with non-genuine parts. However, the opposite is true. How often have you seen that low-cost is synonymous to low quality? With even higher cost as a result? Inferior materials, hardened surfaces that are too thin and incorrect thread profiles affecting torque settings are just a few examples of the dangers.

We guarantee a trouble-free, long life for our products. Why would you jeopardize safety or risk incurring expensive repairs by fitting anything other than genuine YANMAR parts? Just think twice. Only by using genuine YANMAR parts can you be sure that your engine will maintain peak performance and remain in good condition. And, what’s more, you would also jeopardize manufacturer’s warranty and cause yourself problems, should you need to make an insurance claim.


When you buy a YANMAR diesel engine, you expect it to work. And it does. Because when we design and manufacture the engine, we take every effort to ensure it helps you do the job fast and efficiently. That is what you can trust us for. K.P.Industrial & Marine Ltd has many years of experience, the knowledge and expertise to provide excellent service and support whenever needed.

Our technical team offers: 
• 24 hours field service • Full technical support • Full series of genuine spare parts